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CFM360 Access Control (Access control on your palms)

GSR 360 has developed a facility management app that brings access control to your palms while still very effective in all aspects of facility business.

CFM360 App is an access control system proactively monitors, manages access and secures multiple points of entry and exit in real-time, for individuals, vehicles and materials, all from a single location.

We have maintained access control and security management for all these years also but driven by innovation, we are proud to be one of the foremost Facility management company with a mobile app (CFM360) designed to create a seamless Access Control process in a secured residential / Industrial facility.

The key goals of this project are outlined below:

  1. Our user-friendly interface app helps to monitor and control access for gated facilities.
  2. Eliminate unwanted and uninvited guest/ visitors into the facilities.
  3. Identify all legitimate resident and their respective dependents.
  4. Create a database for all residents, dependents and activities going on within the facilities.
  5. Keep track of all entry and exit of visitors in the facilities with exact dates and time.
  6. Provide the facility management and security team information to trace/ track every visitor/guest or workers and their respective hosts.
  7. Generate reports of access control for record keeping necessary to incident investigations.
  8. Improve time management in processing guest/ visitors and dependent’s access into the facilities.
  9. Reduce or eliminate paper records and maintain a server/cloud-based data record.

This app comes with a list of easy click Facility Management Request page such as Electrical Maintenance, Plumbing Maintenance, A/C Maintenance, Generator Maintenance etc. It’s compactible with both Android and IOS devices.

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