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Geosol Construction Nig Ltd

GEOSOL, serving as your Civil and General Contractor, is uniquely qualified to deliver to you a quality project, along with high value for your construction dollar. GEOSOL is a detailed “hands-on” contractor who carefully manages every step of the construction process.

We offer the following services: bidding and purchasing, scheduling, supervision, controls, accounting & cost control, safety, contract administration, and close-out on the following areas of construction. New Construction, Pre – Construction, Road Construction, Construction Management, General Construction, Commissioning, Conceptual Estimating, Constructability Analysis, Facilities Planning, Project Development, Equipment Leasing.

New Construction

New Construction is the core group of GEOSOL’s operations. From conceptual design through design development, construction, and the grand opening party, GEOSOL makes your project a priority. What does this mean to you, the owner?

• Strict adherence to budget

• Compliance with tight schedule

• Quality control

• Single-point accountability for work performed

• No double mark-up for construction work we perform ourselves

GEOSOL combines more than 10 years of collective estimating experience that offers the power to guide clients in making knowledgeable, cost effective and cost saving decisions. We offer our expertise in scheduling, estimating, design developing, and value engineering to help each client decide how best to build their project before it’s committed to plans for bid.

Included in our pre-construction services are:

• Conceptual Estimate

• Construction Documents

• Design Development Consultation

• Construction Planning/Scheduling

• Cost Estimating

• Purchasing

• Value Engineering

• Construction Management Plan

General Contracting

Although we have expanded our services offerings significantly over the years, Manhattan began with traditional general contracting services. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of the subcontractor base in each of our markets, resulting in the best price and schedule delivery.

We are builders with the expertise to dig deep in reviewing and analyzing construction documents. When we deliver a budget, we are confident that it is complete and accurate.

When design changes happen, we are flexible and work collaboratively with the team to integrate the new designs into the construction process. We set the stage from the beginning to ensure a smoother building process for you.

Construction Management

When appropriate, GEOSOL offers our trained experts and state-of-the-art construction management systems to manage a project as an agent for the owner, thus allowing the owner’s staff to continue with their regular duties.

GEOSOL will provide pre-construction services, construction oversight, budget and schedule control, and a host of risk management services as an extension of the owner’s staff.

The Group comprises of a diverse range of strategically positioned operating subsidiaries and associate companies.