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GSR Consultants are committed to delivering excellence to stakeholders – contractors, owners, engineers, architects, and financial institutions by maintaining the highest standards of quality for consulting services in all facets of engineering and construction.

We assist our clients in overcoming complicated engineering / construction-related situations and accomplishing their project objectives through industry awareness, practical business knowledge and innovative technology experience.

As a construction management and engineering consulting firm we provide innovative solutions for the proactive and forensic support you need to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Serving a wide range of industries and construction projects nationwide, we blend diverse expertise with keen foresight to achieve project goals and mitigate risk. Whether you are the project sponsor, owner, contractor, engineer, architect, attorney, surety, or other stakeholder, we will assist you in achieving project success, from the ground up.

GSR360 Consultants provide complete consulting services from the initial investigation stages, through feasibility studies, inventory, condition survey, outline planning, production of detailed designs, preparation of contract documents, evaluation of tenders to construction supervision with successful completion of design and supervision for various types of projects. 

Our establishment works for Federal Government, States, Local Governments, financial institutions, individuals, and international organizations providing our experience of close client contact and flexible response to ensure the client’s needs are fully met and project adequately delivered. 

The Group comprises of a diverse range of strategically positioned operating subsidiaries and associate companies.