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At GSR 360 FACILITY MANAGERS, we specialize in engineering solutions and facilities management for residential and commercial buildings of all sizes. Our clients trust us to create and deliver Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes that are tailored to their needs and business priorities. To maintain our quality standards, all our engineers are fully qualified and are as focused on strong customer service as our managers and service team. Whether it’s a large commercial or residential property, we’re committed to a fix-it-first-time policy. Our engineers can make decisions and solve your problems and keep your facilities running efficiently.

We assure quality services by providing professional and independent management of your facilities and facility services. It’s our goal to provide efficient, cost-effective services that prolong the life of our customers’ assets. Now, more than ever before, businesses need engineering partners that are focused on quality and value, and that’s exactly where GSR 360’s strengths lay.

Areas of Competence

  • Integrated facility management
  • Technical operations and maintenance
  • Mission support services
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Project management
  • Self-performed services from our own extensive resources.
  • Manage services delivered via third party providers procured from the open market.
  • Manage services delivered via our sister companies where they offer the best value.
  • Permanent on-site maintenance
  • Scheduled on-line maintenance

Technical Operations & Maintenance

  •      Building automation systems
  •      Telecommunication systems
  •      Computer systems
  •      LAN & WAN Network systems
  •      Electrical systems & equipment
  •      Mechanical systems
  •      Fire alarm & life safety systems
  •      General building maintenance
  •      Uninterrupted power supplies
  •      Water treatment
  •      Plumbing
  •      Health and safety


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The Group comprises of a diverse range of strategically positioned operating subsidiaries and associate companies.