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• The Nigerian Beer Festival (NBF) is an event organized by Global Systems Resources 360 Ltd. (GSR 360) during which a variety of beers (and often other alcoholic drinks) are available for tasting and purchase during event. Beer festivals are held in a number of countries.

• A Beer Exhibition is usually synonymous with a Beer Festival but, whilst a beer festival may involve a limited range of beer styles or manufacturers, with an emphasis on entertainment, use of the term “beer exhibition” places emphasis on sampling or tasting a wide range of beers, usually craft-brewed in a variety of different styles by various brewers. The largest beer festival in the world is Oktoberfest in Germany. Several other smaller beer festivals are held all over the world throughout the year.

• It’s going to be an annual event that will celebrates the beer culture in Nigeria and the biggest beer festival in the sub Saharan Africa

• The Nigerian beer festival would be held in the National Stadium. Casks from different brewers, numbering in the hundreds, will be placed on behind rows of trestle tables. Staff serve beer directly from the cask and take payment in the form of cash or tokens purchased at the entrance. Cooling is achieved using wet sacking or blankets for evaporative cooling or though refrigerated cooling saddles and coils.

• Disposable cups will be distributed at the entrance to the venue. A beer list is usually available, often indicating where in the venue the different casks will be situated. Food would be available, and entertainments and games such as live music, comedy, competitions, pub quizzes, or tombolas are going to be organized.

• The Nigerian Beer Festival is a celebration of beer, it will increase your beer knowledge and find a new favorite by sampling more than 50 different types of beer on site.

• Guests will take part in beer seminars, vote for the People’s Choice awards, meet new people, sample delicious foods, enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment, and most importantly have a great time!

• Nigeria Beer Festival is an above nineteen (+19) event, no children, no pets, no exceptions.


• Upwardly Mobile Young Professionals, Trade men and women & also young Executives

• Age : 20 – 45years

• Fun loving

• Hardworking

• Likes to identify with quality and what’s hip and cool

• Potential and new consumers





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