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We are a firm of project managers with diverse competencies in engineering which Electrical, Building and Construction, Telecommunications. Simply put, UBA OMEGA SYSTEMS. is in business to give your business maximum output in engineering management and monitoring structure. UBA OMEGA SYSYTEMS is entrusted by clients and supplies engineering monitoring and management service in preset time, based on principles of independence and economic management, to offer intelligent engineering projects’ decision-making, execution and management.

Advantages of our Services

UBA OMEGA SYSYTEMS can provide whole process engineering services which includes monitoring and management services to the industries of building and construction, telecommunication, electric engineering, etc. Strong policy-understanding based on years of engineering experience in monitoring, UBA OMEGA SYSYTEMS establishes close relationships with national, states, local government, as well as relevant industrial authorities to give the client a world class service.

Target Clients

• Governments.

• Financial organizations.

• Project owners and others with similar needs.

Specialist Services

OMEGA SYSTEMS SERVICES provide a program management system that assumes the responsibility for the implementation, installation, testing and inspection of your project. The program manager will monitor all crew and their performance and report progress to the client.


Project Management

Building and Construction



Multi – Media

Fabrication and Design

The Group comprises of a diverse range of strategically positioned operating subsidiaries and associate companies.